4 shows we want to see more of in 2017 #Streamteam

April 30, 2017

One of the wonderful things about Netflix is the variety and quantity of shows to watch to satisfy  just about anyone’s taste. But, one of the frustrating things is watching a show that only has one season available which leaves you wanting more – more answers, more drama, more romance, more anything.

In the past few months i’ve watched a number of different shows that have left me crossing my fingers and toes that a second season comes soon, so in no particular order, here they are:

13 Reasons Why

I haven’t read the book, but have heard that the show diverted from the book in several areas including the ending. Was it done intentionally to set up for a possible second season? I certainly hope so. What happens to Bryce? Does he get what’s coming to him? What was up with the kid with the chest of guns? Will they explore the other dark side of bullying and school shootings? Time will tell…







I haven’t read this book either and also heard that it is quite different from the show, but I suppose that is why they clearly state the disclaimer that the show is a “loose interpretation of events…very loose”. Anyways, I found the show’s character of Sophia to be extremely obnoxious and grating (I hope she’s not like that in real life) but I did root for her and her business and it was interesting to see how one woman’s passion for vintage turned into a full fledged online business and a net worth of $280 million. Go girl!





The OA

For the most part, I just want a second season that explains what the $&$%^*# went on the in first season.





Chesapeake Shores

Yes, feel free to mock me incessantly for getting sucked into this Hallmark Channel drivel but call me sentimental (and sappy) but sometimes a girl just wants to watch something light and flaky. The show is filmed partly in Victoria BC (my hometown) so it’s neat to see scenes of Oak Bay and waterfront throughout the show. Anyways, bring on another season of wholesome family drama!!

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