How to make Aebleskiver (aka Danish Pancake Balls)

November 24, 2014

My hubby doesn’t cook much. But when he does he usually pulls out the stops and forays into either the very complicated, very time consuming, or both (he is the only one in our family to have cooked a turkey to this day).

Yesterday, he decided to get up and make the boys Aebleskiver (pronounced Eh-bleh-skew-er – at least how we pronounce it!) – a delicious traditional Danish pancake ball that was made famous by our beloved Ole Mor (Great Grandma Nielsen may she rest in peace). We all have so many fond memories of Ole Mor cooking the whole extended Nielsen clan pancake balls every Christmas when we would gather at the cabin. She would cook for days, using one special pan (that is now in our possession) and a lot of TLC. In fact my youngest son’s most vivid memories are of his Ole Mor making Aebleskiver so it was touching to hear him talk about her while eating them yesterday.

So, how to make them….

I actually have NO IDEA! But I will tell you what I do know from watching 0ver the years and a little help from YouTube 🙂

a) Buy Premade Mix! We don’t have access to Ole Mor’s recipe book so we found a great pre-packaged Aebleskiver mix online from Prepared Pantry and ordered several bags in bulk.


b) Get a proper Aebleskiver pan – it is imperative that you have a proper Aebleskiver pan. As I mentioned above, we were given Ole Mor’s pans when she passed away and those pans are likely a good 50 years old and well used! Hers are solid cast iron and can also be used as a murder weapon if necessary 😉


A lot of Aebleskiver were made with love in this pan!

c) Oil is your friend! It is pretty much key that the Aebleskiver are bobbing in a sea of oil in the pan, much like a mini donut or Yorkshire pudding. In fact, these really should be called Danish donuts, so don’t be afraid to go heavy on the oil!

d) Use your imagination – the Nielsen tradition is to dip the Aebleskiver into white sugar and jam when they are ready to eat. Other great idea are icing sugar, syrup, peanut butter, chocolate fondue etc. I suppose you could also add chocolate chips or other fruits to the batter but I myself am an Aebleskiver purist!

These are all that is left from our Aebleskiver fest. And yes, I know I have no future in Food Blogging :)

These are all that is left from our Aebleskiver fest. And yes, I know I have no future in Food Blogging 🙂

So we didn’t capture yesterday’s kitchen capers on film, but this sweet young lassie does a fine job showing us how it’s done! Enjoy!

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  • Reply Anne November 24, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    I have just one question. How many glasses of wine does it take to pronounce this properly?

    • Reply Christine November 25, 2014 at 12:12 pm

      Ha! After too many you will actual be fluent in Danish!

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