Tales From The Anti Sleep Expert (aka My First CBC Radio Spot!)

January 6, 2016

I had a really crazy day the other day….

I was going about my usual morning business – you know, drink coffee, attempt to write blog post, troll Facebook and stare at my screen with a blank look on my face when out of the blue an email popped up from someone at the CBC. At first, I thought “ya right – who would be contacting lil old me from the CBC” but it was legit (!!) and they were looking to talk to parents who were experiencing sleep issues with their kids.



BOOIIIINNNNGGGGGGG! Did they ever ask the right gal!

I often joke that the only bit of DNA my kids actually got from me was my lack-of-sleep gene. Both my boys were horrible sleepers as babies, toddlers, preschoolers and now grade schoolers as well. They have trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep (nightmares, growing pains, heard-a-noise-in-the-closet), and also wake up far too early too. Zzzzzzzzz….

Anyways, I spoke briefly to the lady at the CBC and jokingly told her that I would be more than happy to share my experiences but am in no way certified to talk about anything that actually works, because clearly I am striking out big time in the successful sleep department.

Fast forward to game time! Another person at the CBC called me a few minutes before airtime and mentioned that the guest expert had lost her voice and would I be willing to “hang out” on air a little longer than anticpated?! GULP. But why not right?!

So, I was connected to the BC Almanac show that was already in progress and hosted by the lovely and talented Gloria Mackarenko and listened intently until my big moment! Unfortunately for me, the two parents that Gloria chatted with before me were the picture perfect role models of what exactly TO DO to make sure your children sleep well.

They have a regular bedtime routine – check!
They stick to strict schedules (even if they are away from home) – check!
They only eat nutritious food and no sugar – check!
No screen time – check!

Annnnnndddddddd then there’s me…I like to think I represent the other 90% of parents but i’ll let you take a little listen to the podcast playback and you can have a little laugh at my expense. Especially the part where I am lambasted for using melatonin – oops! 🙂

(I am on around the 32:57 mark – the perfect parents come on just before me)  http://podcast.cbc.ca/…/bcalmanac_20160104_78385.mp3

So BIG thanks to the fine folks at the CBC for having me on their show and I promise I did take notes on what I should start doing to get my kids (and myself) sleeping better in 2016!




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