Are you a good wife? #StreamTeam

September 27, 2016

I’d be the first to admit my shortcomings in all the domestic areas of my life. Cooking? Ugh, I just make the bare essentials so no one starves. Cleaning? Only if companies coming or the house smells like pee.  And as for everything else that might stereotypically combine to make the perfect wife? Well, I think i’d probably get a big fat fail in the romance, ironing, and travel companionship departments as well.

So the bottom line here is – clearly I am NOT a good wife. So why would anyone guy in their right mind want to marry me? Lol, believe me I have thought a lot about that over the years – poor sucker guy! 😉

I like to think that I do have some redeeming qualities that more that make up for my shortcomings. I’m pretty funny, i’m a kick a** mom, i’m fiercely independent, i’ve supported his entrepreneurial dream for 10+ years now (sometimes begrudgingly) and I don’t get jealous.

So when “The Good Wife” on Netflix popped up in my recommended shows list I must adit I did NOT feel an immediate connection solely based on the name of the show, but it only took one episode before I was hooked. I know there are a lot of legal dramas out on the interwebz to watch but this show blends several strong female leads with some clever legal battles in the courtroom. Mix in some scandal, some inter-office romance and the relationships between several “frenemies” and you have the makings of a really great show.

Check out this great infographic from our friends at Netflix Canada. “The Good Wife” is not on this particular image but according to the associated press release “The Good Wife” gets you hooked after episode 5. For me, it was a lot sooner but you can be the judge (don’t mind the legal pun lol).

are you a good wife?

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  • Reply Hester Nguyen October 4, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Love that the Good Wife is a series not necessarily about domesticity but the polar opposite, about a woman wronged and having to stand on her own two feet not a pile of laundry or a cookie in sight. GO Alicia should be a battle cry as she kicks one butt after another,loves her family and is really real

    • Reply Christine October 4, 2016 at 4:49 pm

      High five! Looooovvvvvve this show! 🙂

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