The Best Eyeliners for “Older” Eyes

November 27, 2014

I may or may not have been drinking wine while this was happening.

I am really fortunate to have not one, but two good friends in my life who also happen to be makeup artists. Try as they may, some of their experience and knowledge has rubbed off on me but I still have a long long long way to go in actually applying makeup. Especially when it comes to the good old eye pencil – I mean my history with the eye pencil goes back a long long way to high school where I rocked some serious baby blue for a good couple of years. Did it look good? Who knows? But I had soft buttery skin back then that made it a breeze to apply (at least what I remember).

My memory of eyeliner and my 20’s is a bit hazy – that was my full on athlete decade so I likely didn’t wear much, like ever, but I am sure my skin was still buttery soft.

And then came my 30’s. And my skin became drier, and crepe-ier and I started to get back in touch with my girly side and explore makeup a bit more. Try as I may, I still couldn’t find a eye pencil that would actually glide on well and stay put throughout the day. Ugh.

And now, in my 40’s I think I have finally seen the light. As I mentioned above it helps having makeup artist friends who can steer my in the right direction but ultimately everyone has their personal preference as to what will work for them. I am also learning that things don’t have to be perfect! You’ll never create the perfect line the first time (or ever) so be patient, practice a little and smudge or blend!

So what are my top recommendations?

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil – I very recently discovered Urban Decay products and especially this amazing eye pencil. This is the ONLY pencil I have found to date that literally glides on smoothly even on my TOP lid. Super easy to smudge if you mess up (like I always do) and to give a less harsh look especially for daytime.

2. MAC fluidline Gel Eyeliner– Ooooo – super excited about these Gel Pots and a great way to vamp it up for evening! My friend Taryn put some on me last night and it was silky smooth and you apply it with an eyeliner brush (which I am used to using so I immediately felt comfortable applying it). I didn’t post the eye that I actually tried doing as I didn’t want to scare y’all off so here is the eye that Taryn did 🙂

I'd love to claim that I put the fluidline on myself but alas no!

I’d love to claim that I put the fluidline on myself but alas no!

3. Eyeshadow  – This is what I use most of the time. Yes, so it’s a pretty general tip indeed but for a super soft and easy to apply liner just use one of your favorite eye shadows and a great eyeliner brush. No matter what state or age your eyes are at shadows always glide on easily (use a primer – see below) and are easy to fix if you “goof”.

4. They’re Real Push Up Liner – I must confess I have only tried this once at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart but it was really easy to put on and to get that elusive perfect little “flick” to create a simple cat-eye look. I will likely pick some up this holiday weekend and practice making purr-fect cat-eyes for the holidays – mee-ow!

Oh and one last tip – for extra staying power for your liner (and shadow) consider using an eye primer like LemonAid or Stay Don’t Stray from Benefit Cosmetics, it will help pop the color and ensure that all your hard work doesn’t wear off an hour after you walk out the door!

For some great tips for the actual pros (don’t watch those YouTube hacks!) check out these vids!

This guy makes it look sooooo simple –

For that vampy rocker look!

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