The Best Mom Jeans…Ever!

August 30, 2017
mom jeans

Mom jeans.

Whenever I hear the phrase “mom jeans” it conjures up images of high waisted, acid-washed, unflattering denim circa the 1980’s.

Yes, exactly like that right?!

I know mom jeans have gotten a bad rap over the years, but the one thing I will give props to mom jeans for is their higher waists. I mean, I don’t know about you, but my mid-section has been stretched over the years by 2 babies and a whole lot of weight gaining and losing. That makes wearing any sort of pant that doesn’t come up to at least my navel a challenge for containing my entire mid section. I think they call this excess mid section spillage “muffin top” or as my dear friend likes to call it her “side steaks”. Lol….sob!

Short of liposuction or a really good pair of spanx there’s not much a mom can do to avoid this. Surgery isn’t an option for me and spanx in the warm summer months is just sweaty torture. I even tried jeans from greta brands like Mavi, Gap & 7 for all mankind win the hopes that their mid-rise and high-rise jeans would do the trick. And they sort of did, but I still usually had at least “half a muffin” of spillage to contain.

And then I discovered these (I actually own this exact style – love them!)…

mom jeans

If these are the new “mom jeans” then sign me up for 4 pairs!

The absolutely perfect mom jean for the modern mom by Just Black Denim. Made of the stretchiest, softest denim and a waist band that is high enough to encase the muffin and has sleek skinny styling to avoid the “diaper bum” look! These jeans are comfortable, super flattering and well priced for the quality!!

I liked them so much I bought 4 pairs (after having a 10 minute convo with the salesperson about how much we both lurve these jeans) and have basically purged all other denim in my closet. You can find these beauts in person at The Latest Scoop in Vancouver or online at (pssst – they are cheaper at the Latest Scoop!!)


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