My Top Ten Tips To Prep For a Blogging Conference

April 15, 2015

Squee! It’s now 13 days until the wheels lift off and I am on my way to Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsadle Arizona. This isn’t my first big blogging conference, but it is my first time at Mom 2.0, and I have made some rookie mistakes at past conferences so I decided to put my personal #fails into a list for y’all NOT to do 🙂

Me and Chuck E Cheese at BlogHer 13. Hope he is there again!

Chuckie and I look so happy but I made so many mistakes at that conference!

  1. Whats the vibe? Check out the website for the “vibe” – is it biz casual? punk rock? surfer-ska-chic? I have been known to have been woefully underdressed from time to time so i am taking this one a bit more seriously.
  2. Pack Business Cards! Obvious yes, but I have gone almost a full year and 3+ conferences without them. And remember to order them more than a few days in advance. Moo cards are good.
  3. Join the Conference FB group. Make virtual friends. Make note of those you feel kismet with. For me, it’s the gals who are asking about when the track pants and sneakers party is.
  4. Be a follower! Heck, while you’re at it, cyber-stalk the attendees on Twitters/Instagram etc
  5. Pack Light. Do a proactive pack in advance and then take out at least 1/3 of what you packed. I promise you you’ll never wear it.
  6. Get Your Writing On! Write, write, write and write some more leading up to the conference so that your blog gets more pageviews and more engagement.
  7. Pretty up your blog. Yup. It’s time for a mini makeover..make sure your about page is up to date and ensure that sponsors know how they can work with you. Make sure your home page is easy to navigate and that your featured content is “above the fold”.
  8. Connect With Sponsors – See #3 but this time make a list of all the conference sponsors and send them a little social love. It’s always great to get a conversation started well in advance.
  9. Travel Docs/Insurance – With emphasis on the insurance here y’all. A margarita fuelled congo accident by the pool is gonna cost you more than time on the conference floor, it could cost you thousands!
  10. Read the emails the organizers send. And yes, actually READ them, not just a quick scan like I tend to do. You often miss crucial details and registration info that way.




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  • Reply Jacqui April 15, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    I love these tips! This will be my first time at mom2.0 and I’m getting nervous!
    See you in the conga line by the pool! 🙂 In sneakers, natch.

    • Reply Christine April 21, 2015 at 11:10 am

      For sure! I’ll be the one hiding from the sun, with a muffin top to boot!

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