How a small appliance almost ended my marriage

January 9, 2014

IMG_3692As you know, because I mention it time and time again, I am not the most domestic of women, especially when it comes to cooking. So, two Christmases ago I received as a gift (from my slightly clueless hubby) a BREADMAKER which almost led to the dissolution of our then 8 year marriage.

You see, in my mind that breadmaker represented a) a domestic ideal that I was never going to meet and b) that he must not have any understanding of who I was after all this time. Nonetheless, the breadmaker stayed, hubby made a few loaves himself and that was that.

Fast forward 2 years to last night. I decided to try to make some delicious and healthy Banana Bread for my family. Of course I made a few mistakes, like overfilling the pan – which led to a cups worth of dough spilling onto the oven floor to burn and smell up the house for the entire evening and scaring my entire family off of trying it. Ugh.

This morning, I did manage to convince them all that the loaf itself was fine and…wait for it….even picky DS7 munched down a slide for breakfast. SUCCESS!

But, the point of all of this is that this morning hubby very gently reminded me that we have a perfectly good breadmaker in the basement that could make a perfect loaf of banana bread (without the spillage and subsequent scraping of the oven). And instead of reaching for those divorce papers I have on standby, I actually saw the light..and will finally be using that breadmaker this week – stay tuned!

ps – if you are wondering why there is no recipe attached to this post it’s becuase there really isn’t one to give. Buy one box of President’s Choice Whole Wheat Banana Bread mix and add 4 mushed bananas, oil and water! Done!

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  • Reply AlwaysARedhead April 14, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    It is far more satisfying to make a loaf of bread without a breadmaker, for the simple reason you get to punch it a few times. So if hubby is in the bad books at the time, it is far safer to punch bread then risk going to jail for punching hubby.

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