Why fighting between siblings is a GOOD thing!

December 16, 2015

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I didn’t always dream of being a mother. But once I did become mom, to one bouncing baby boy and then another, I couldn’t imagine being a mother to anything but boys.

You see, boys are just different. They play differently, they think differently, they interact differently, they smell different (this is not a good thing), they have each others backs,  and do they ever fiercely love their mamas (a trend which I hope continues foreves).

And they fight differently.

Man, do they fight differently.

Loud, epic, physical battles that tend to be short but very intense in nature and ALWAYS end with one or both in tears. Unfortunately these happen far more than I would like these days and thus they are inevitably separated and/or sequestered into their respective rooms until tempers calm down.

Ironically, it’s the being apart from eachother that is the worst during these temporary separations. Despite the fact that they were just hitting and yelling and hurling insults and shouting I HATE YOU at the top of their lungs, they still want to be together. They want the other to know that they are loved and that they are sorry.

Forgive and forget and lets move on.

And you know what. I think we should all embrace this philosophy to some degree.

Of course not the “hit and scratch and yell at eachother” part but the “let’s let everything out even if it’s really hard to say, get it in the open, then forgive or forget and move on”.

I for one am soooooo guilty of holding onto grudges and NOT talking about things that are bothering me and that has caused way more problems in my relationships and friendships than the rare occasion where I have actually “been in conflict” with someone, resolved it and moved on. And no, none of my conflicts has ever come to blows 🙂

So a huge thank you today to my boys for teaching me a valuable life lesson about loving and fighting fiercely, it’s not a bad thing!

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