Why Cabin Life Rocks….

December 27, 2014

Every year we are so fortunate to be able to escape the city and head up to our family cabin in the woods for a few days of R & R. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love cabin living so much…..

  1. Flannel and pajamas are perfectly acceptable forms of dress for dinner (and lunch and any social gathering really)
  2. Most of the things we eat are “on a stick”
  3. Naps are mandatory
  4. Snowmobiles are the preferred method of transport
  5. The average bedtime is approx 7:30pm (aka cabin-tosis)
  6. The average wake up time is approx 8am (sleep, sweet sleep!)
  7. No showering, no makeup, no fuss and no muss
  8. Forced electronic detox for the kids (shhh…we aren’t telling them there is now wifi)
  9. Ice fishing, snowball fights, snowmobiling, skating on the lake – all quintessential Canadian holiday to-dos
  10. Cracking the first beer at 10am is not only acceptable, but expected.
The start of an epic snow filled day!

The start of an epic snow filled day!


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