Our #Disneyland adventure

April 6, 2014


We just got back from a wonderful sunny week in LA (depsite the 5.1 earthquake and aftershocks eek!). Every time I go to California I feel like I am in my element. I love the laid back vibe, the surfer-boho culture of all the beach communities and the weather…always so lovely! And here I sit on a rainy miserable Spring Saturday back at home thinking “why we don’t just pack up and head back south on a more permanent basis?!”
It’s not like we haven’t had the opportunity of course. I have been married to a serial entrepreneur the past 10 years who has been wooed by many a Silicon Valley based company to come and join their ranks. And even without the Silicon based companies we could easily run our home based businesses from anywhere really. So shouldn’t it be from somewhere a little less….rainy?

Well, until I can set this dream into motion, I will have to settle for 3-4 time per year visits (with my next  coming in July as I head back to BlogHer in San Jose) and memories from a wonderful family trip gone by…….


a) My first and last time EVER on the Tower of Terror (or maybe this was a lowlight?)
b) My first (but not last) time on California Screamin and the discovery that both of my wee boys are total adrenaline junkies
c) Being rattled by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake (and over a hundred aftershocks)
d) Quality bonding time with Gramma (unfortunately Grandpa isn’t much into travelling these days)
e) Spending a groovy beach day hanging with the locals in Huntington Beach
f) Rediscovering Universal Studios after 25+ years. A super fun simulation ride experience and great to hang with some non-Disney peeps like SpongeBob and Shrek!



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