Can men and women just be friends?

November 17, 2014
The dude on the left is Nathan and he is rad!

The dude on the left is Nathan and he is rad!

One of the many many many things I love about mountain biking is that on any given day I can run into someone I know. Last week, I was on Fromme taking a lesson with my awesome mountain biking instructor (and friend) Ryan, when my old roommate/friend Nathan went riding by. I haven’t seen this guy in over 3 years and it was amazing to run into him like that. We gabbed for a few minutes, hugged and promised to catch up soon (which we did the following Sunday on the trails and over coffee – so so awesome).

You see, Nathan has always been my friend. In fact, I have known him longer than my husband as we were roommates (with another guy) in Kitsilano from 1998-2000. During that time those guys (plus other great male friends) were like my brothers from another mother. We rode bikes, drank beer, watched tv, played Ultimate, passed gas and laughed. We talked about girls and boys and we were friends, and it was awesome, and man do I miss that.

I’ve always had a lot of male friends throughout my life. And not of the ex-boyfriend, “work husband” or friends with benefits type. But real and true “just friend” friends. I love being able to get male perspectives on various life issues and on relationships. I love ripping down the trails at higher speeds and just shooting the sh*t over beer. Maybe the conversations don’t run that deep, but that is what my girlfriends are for, all of whom I love dearly.

I’ve had conversations with certain female friends about this topic and often I get a strange reaction when I say that I went riding with male friend X, or had a beer with male friend Y.

“What does your husband think” they might say, or

“What if the situation was reversed”?

Well, hubby does have girl “friends” in his life and I hope that they stay a part of his life, and I hope that he trusts and respects my male friendships as they make me who I am and that they are important people in my life.

They are my brothers from another mother and for all of them past and present I am thankful.


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  • Reply Cyn November 19, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    I think it’s healthy for us all to have friends of the opposite sex. Gives us good perspective.

    • Reply Christine November 25, 2014 at 12:12 pm

      High five to that!

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