The Best Pair of Mom Jeans Ever!

May 17, 2013

I have never been a huge fan of skinny jeans. You see I have fairly muscular thighs and am not a teeny weeny little size and most skinnies are cut very very low, so most of the time I feel like a stuffed sausage with lots of nasty bits hanging over the top.

Things changed when I discovered Mavi Gold skinnies. These beauties have 2% Tencil in the them which means for us older gals:

a) They have a nice “spanx” type effect because the Tencil is very form fitting

b) You don’t get saggy butt after a few days because the Tencil keeps the fabric taut

c) The mid rise cut keeps most of the muffin top in check

If you have any skinny favorties that would suit an old gal like me then please share below in the comments!


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