Why i’ll be coaching my boys again

October 4, 2013

Interview-With-An-Alcoholic-Soccer-MomAh yes, I remember last Spring when I vowed to never, ever, ever, ever coach soccer again for one of my kids? Partly because of the weather, partly because of the time commitment and partly because of a Douchebag Dad.

Well guess what, it’s the rainy cold miserable fall and once again I am donning the whistle and raincoat as “Coach Mom” albeit this time for my littlest guy and his crew of uber-cute U6’s.

Thus far the weather continues to suck, but the parents are lovely (no douchebags!) and I also have a lovely co-coach and crew of parents to help shoulder the load.

At this age all the boys tend to do is run around like madmen pushing and shoving and checking their own teammates for the ball. Some cry, some stand and pick their noses, and some pretend to be anywhere else but on the soccer field. But they are LOVELY and sweet, and they want to hold my hand and listen, they don’t care that I am a “mom”, and they can be made happy with a little infusion of sugar at half time. I still have trouble figuring out which little blond head belongs to what name but I am getting there.

So, who knows, maybe I won’t retire the whistler after all……

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  • Reply Greg October 5, 2013 at 1:32 am

    Having coached for 11 years now (both my daughters and friends daughters team), I can say that it is the parents who do determine how much fun you have. Kids can be a challenge at times but challenge can be managed. A pain in the keester parent just makes your life hell.

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