Adventures at Coast Gravity Park

March 15, 2015

Today my good friend and I hit the Coast Gravity Park in beautiful Sechelt BC. None of our friends have been at the park before and we are still new to this whole bike park thing, and after our inaugural day at Whistler Bike Park last summer (with me bringing the entire lift system to a screeching halt in front of 100’s of bikers) I was a tad apprehensive.

Did I also mention I am nursing a partially torn LCL. Ya, not good.

Anyways, let me set the scene for you….

Imagine two 40 something mamas pulling up to the CGP parking lot in our white Honda Odyssey Loser cruiser that is packed with macked out 4×4’s and young dudes wheeling about on even more macked out DH bikes.

This was our first clue that maybe we were a little out of our element…

The other clue that we were a little out of our element was that the average age of the riders at the park was probably around 18.5 years. We brought the bell curve up quite substantially!


Anyways, the Coast Gravity Park itself is cool in many ways. It was almost entirely crowdfunded via Indegogo and was built up lovingly by a bunch of committed locals. There is no lift access to the trails, its all done old skool shuttle style using a couple of trucks and a couple of wagons for the bikes and everyone piles in farm hand style into the back. Great for chatting with some of the locals about what trails to hit at the park and surrounding areas.


No wonder you have to sign a waiver at the start of the day – likely just for risks associated with open air back of truck shuttling 🙂


Speaking of chatting with locals – last night I followed CGP on Twitter and Facebook when a few local suggestions also popped up. I am happy to spread a little Twitter love around so I followed the Coastal Crew, and few local Bike Shops and a few local riders as well. As I stared across the back of the pickup truck on one particular shuttle there staring back at me was one of the guys I followed on Twitter!

So being smooth like I am at 40 something I opened with this cracker of a line…

“Hey, I think I followed you on Twitter last night”. 😉

His reaction was priceless – I think a combination of “Why is this old lady talking to me” and “What a ^%&$(#_# crazy stalker and I am stuck in the back of a truck with her”. Ha!

Anyways, he’s a nice guy, a local from Roberts Creek and he gave us some good recommendations for trails to hit at the CGP one of which turned out to be our absolute fave. Loamy, rocky, rooty and very North Shore-ish #DynamitePanther


Joey at the top of Dynamite Panther. Best runs of the day for sure and somewhat appropriate for us two Panthers 🙂

But back to the biking….We eased into the park with a smooth, fast and flowy blue run and eventually worked our way up to red runs and a few blacks as well. I have to say that I am much more loyal to the rocky, rooty, loamy trails that I am so used to as opposed to the fast, flowy, bermy, jumpy trails of the park but it was still great to practice bermed corners and get a little more confidence with my jumping.

This is way steeper than it looks 🙂

A video posted by Christine Nielsen (@tubbwell) on

So all in all it was a great day. We were super happy to support the park and the great people who run it and to get in some shuttle assisted runs while my knee is still a bit delicate. Two thumbs for sure and we will be back!




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