Dear Monday, Go Suck It….

January 12, 2015

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Yah. It’s been one of thoooooossssseeee Mondays. In fact, my Monday started about 9 hours ago when I was still up at 1am trying to fix a major MELTDOWN with a clients website (wasn’t my fault btw).

After not being able to sleep because of too much adrenaline and caffeine, I was woken far too early by the chirping of Facebook Messenger on my phone (panic re: the site) and had the pleasure of calling our hosting provider yet again to ask WHY OH WHY the backup and restore I started last night at 11:30pm didn’t work.


So anyways, I managed to somehow get the boys ready for school, somewhat on time, only to pull up to school AND HAVE THE DROP OFF ZONE FULL OF PARKED CARS AGAIN! Yes, cue the rage as I fantasized about placing nails under all of their rear tires and/or leaving passive aggressive notes on their windshields.

And I have not had any coffee yet at this point. This is bad.

Pull out of school, and the monster truck starts making a VERY BAD noise, and kind of stinks too. Prepare self for very expensive repair bill I am sure. Manage to make it to Timmy’s for some precious java and spill half of it all over my trucks console. Grr.

Did I also mention I have a very big zit on my face today?

And I am waaayyyy behind on my other work tasks because of the site meltdown?

#Firstworldproblems I know, but still – Monday, you can go suck it!




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  • Reply julie nowell January 12, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    I am with you on monday.
    She’s being a real bitch.

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