Why I finally decided two was enough

January 17, 2015

So thankful for my two little nuggets!


One of the moms at my kids school has this adorable little baby. He is 5 months old and tiny and snuggly and smells oh so good. Whenever I get the chance, I happily get a few minutes of cuddling and cooing and then I hand him over to the next mom. And I feel a deep sense of relief that he is NOT mine.

My neighbor across the street has an equally adorable little 11 month old. He is in that crawling everywhere-can’t-let-him-out-of-your-site phase. All I can feel is a deep sense of relief that he is NOT mine.

I go grocery shopping during the day WITHOUT my kids and look at the moms towing their screaming tots along in the cart and am so happy that they are NOT mine.

I sleep in Saturday mornings (until 10!) because my kids can make their own breakfasts and play on the iPads or read until I get up. And I am so happy that they ARE mine.

And I realized with some certainty that I am DONE. Unequivocally I-don’t-want-any-more-kids–through-any-means DONE (although I would consider a dog at some point).

Biologically speaking, I might not even have the choice even if I wanted to get preggers (which I don’t). In my early 40’s my risks go way way up and odds of conceiving go way way down. I know there are other options but I am enjoying MY freedom WAY too much now to go back to the sleepless nights and complete dependence of the under 5 set.

So I am happy to finally feel complete contentment with our decision to stop at two. It has taken some time, but as the boys grow and we all gain more independence I know our family is complete.

Pssst – I think my dear friend Jules and I were on the same wavelength this morning…head over to her blog and check out her post today as well…..

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