January 7, 2015


Ok, so you have all heard the term MILF right?

Young(ish) men, pornos, and American Pie movies (remember Stifler’s Mom) have all made it a part of today’s common lexicon. And at the ripe old age of “40 something” I don’t mind being called a MILF from time to time, I mean this old girl needs a bit of an ego boost now and then right?

And the term is basically harmless right? It’s not like they really want to…….*ahem*.


Anyways, last week a friend of mine asked about a recent photo that I had posted of some friends on Facebook. I think she asked something like “Who’s the tall, dark hottie in your photos?”

I went on to explain that many of my friends and friends hubbies are good looking chaps indeed, and yes, that one friend in particular is indeed a “hottie”, dare we say a DILF?

Yes, it’s true. We gals do talk about our friends husbands being hot, or others have called our hubbies them hot, or what even constitutes being a DILF in this day and age.

For us gals it’s not just about looks. DILF status comes from being a cool dad, a present dad, an involved dad. A dad that rides the trails of the Shore with their wee ones, or coaches their sports team, or happily parents without it being considered “babysitting”. A dad that cooks and cleans as well? DILF status for life!




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  • Reply Sarah Robinson January 7, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    Sooooooooooooooo stealing this. Can you get the MILF title if you’re a furmom?? {please say yes. please say yes.}

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