Easy Cold Blackberry Pie Recipe

August 16, 2013

pieOk, even a total domestic reject like me can’t go wrong with this delicious pie recipe..that is unless you can’t make jello, then even I can’t help you……

What you need:

  • A pie pans worth of blackberries (preferably picked fresh from the bushes down the road)
  • Pie crust (store bought if you are me, home made if you have any sort of culinary skills)
  • Wild Raspberry Jello (1 box)
  • Whipped cream (or ice cream or both)

So, from here it’s easy peasy – pre-bake the pie crust per the directions and let cool, make the jello and set until it’s just starting to get mildly firm (you need to be able to mix the blackberries into it easily), combine the blackberries and partially set jello in a bowl, then pour into your already baked pie crust (which has cooled). Smooth into pan and place back into fridge until jello firmly sets. Cut a HUGE slice and serve with a huge dollup of whipped cream! YUM!

This same recipe works wonderfully with Strawberries as well!


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