Why I don’t hurt today

September 20, 2016
Why i don't hurt today

While I wish this was a picture of me standing on a lovely beach (despite the sore back), sadly it’s just a friendly stock photo lady.

Today was the first time in a long time that I didn’t wake up in pain. And I don’t mean the emotional or spiritual variety but real muscle and bone achy pain.

And why is this? Well, I wrote a post a little over a week ago about “Why i’ll never love my body”, and in this article I talked about how part of the struggle I am having right now is with overexercising. I blame this partially on my extreme lack of willpower when it comes to cutting out sweets and wine, and partially because…well…..hormones.


So I try to make up for all of this with working out and riding my bike and working out some more. In fact, on my “rest day” last week I went with a friend to check out Orange Theory Fitness and put myself through 55 minutes of pure high intensity torture (i’ll talk about this experience in a future blog post and how my competitiveness when it comes to sport might just be the end of me soon). And even though I am in pretty good shape my friends, man did I really hurt the next day.

So I did what I normally do, pop a few advil, rub on some Prairie Naturals Muscle Heat cream, choked down a few glasses of BCAAs and whimper quietly in bed. Don’t even ask what I feel like (or sound like – joints popping!) rolling out of bed each morning. Yee-outch.

So I decided to stop, and give my body the break it deserved. And then I took another day off, and then another. And guess what? I didn’t suddenly gain 10 pounds and lose all my fitness, and best of all, I don’t hurt! To be honest, it’s a bit hard mentally to take these breaks, but i’m working on it.




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