How my kids are earning their screen time this summer

June 29, 2016
How my kids will earn screen time this summer

You know how last week I posted about my summer bucket list? Yes, I actually got my sh*t together this year and pre-planned a super busy summer schedule with lots of fun trips and activities planned so my kids don’t sit like lumps on the couch for hours a day. Yay me!

But despite my best efforts, screen time this summer is inevitable i’m afraid. I know there will be the occasional rainy lazy day, or day that I need to get some shizzle done, or after a crazy busy bucket list day when they are tired and just want some QT with their iPads and their favorite Netflix shows like Teen Titans Go or Voltron: Legendary Defender.

And I get it, I want to just curl up and binge watch my fave shows on Netflix too sometimes (i’m sooo behind on Orange is the New Black seasons 3 and 4). But, this summer, my kids are going to have to WORK for their screen time and here’s how I plan to do it….

Introducing the “earn your screen time” chart!!

The concept is super simple of course. They want any screen time, they have to earn it first. And they earn as much or as little as they want to a maximum of one hour per day.

How my kids will earn screen time this summer

It’s up to them how much of their hour they will earn every day. I should add another row that subtracts time every time they utter “i’m bored” 🙂

Get Active (60 minutes per day earns 30 mins of screen time) –  They must spend a minimum of 60 minutes per day being active, whether that’s jumping on our Springfree Trampoline, or playing with friends at the park, or scootering/biking, swimming, you know the stuff that kids are SUPPOSED to do all summer!

Get Reading (30 minutes per day earns 15 mins of screen time) –  Luckily both my boys are voracious readers and willingly signed up for the summer book club at the library so this one shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. Gulp!

Get Crafty or Educational (30 minutes per day earns 15 mins of screen time) – This is a trickier one in our house. Lego is typically their go to for when they are forced to spend some time being creative which is great, but I also am trying to get my boys to expand their horizons into coloring, comic book writing, writing in a journal, doing sudoku puzzles etc.

Get to work (doing the daily chores(s) earns the right to actually be on their screens period) – Again, another tricky one, my boys are sooooo lazy when it comes to keeping their rooms clean, or putting away their dishes or helping me around the house. Typically I resort to monetary incentives, but this summer screen time is the hotter commodity for sure so no chores = no screen period!

So, wish me luck as we embark on summer vacation starting tomorrow and that my steely resolve stays as strong on day 70 as it will on day one!




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