Five great new elf on the shelf ideas (for those of you totally over this whole thing)

December 3, 2016


My boys are now 10 and 8 and even though my eldest innocently proclaims that he is “still a believer” (in Santa, elves and the whole nine yards), I am starting to think he is just playing me a little bit so that he can still benefit from the extra presents and stockings that the “big guy” brings every Christmas morning. My youngest, not so much. I blame YouTube for this and the video he watches all the time called ” 10 things your parents tell you that are lies” – I had some serious ‘splainin to do after he watched that. Ugh.

Anyways, I am happy to go along with the Santa fantasy for as many years as my kids want to “believe”, but where I draw the line is when it comes to our <censored> Elf on the Shelf. Jingle McStinkerpants (or whatever he was called) has caused me more than enough stress and drama over the years. Every night there’s ALL THIS PRESSURE to come up with some cool new location for the elf and every day my social media feeds are filled with these amazing elf on the shelf set ups. It’s just too much and I am soooo done!

So, this year, I offer my top 5 elf on the shelf ideas for moms like me who are pretty much done with all of this and are ready to say goodbye forever to that pesky little elf.

  1. “Hide” the elf on the dog’s bed – it will become it’s favourite chew toy in no time!

elf on the shelf with dog

2. “Hide” the elf in the fireplace and accidentally turn it on. Oops!


3. Give the elf on the shelf to your baby nephew to “hide” in the toilet. It’s ok if he accidentally flushes!


4. “Hide” the elf on the shelf in the garbage cans on collection day!


 5. “Hide” the elf in the package you are shipping overseas to Aunt Betty and Uncle Jim in England. Cheerio – elf!


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