Everything I Learned, I Learned From YouTube

February 4, 2015

I am really lucky to have not just one, but two good friends in my life who are makeup artists. They always look FABULOUS, which would be really annoying if I didn’t love them so much. But despite their numerous attempts over the years to try to teach me different makeup looks and techniques, it just ain’t happening for me, nothing seems to really stick.

“You have to practice they say”

And its true. Any art, including applying makeup, needs to be honed and practiced over time, and time is not something I have a lot of these days (nor the occasion to actually go out and do it up).

So I must confess I have been cheating on them lately. Each night, when the boys are in the bath I have a date with YouTube – specifically a makeup artist called Jaclyn Hill. The reason I like Jaclyn is that she is not a) 18 years old b) doesn’t take herself too seriously and c) has brilliantly blue eyes so I feel fairly confident most of what she does could suit me as well.

Don’t be too frightened when you first watch her videos – her makeup is INTENSE, and she wears a lot, and almost always uses false eyelashes which I am terrified of. But what I have done this past week is just pick up little bits and pieces of advice, or technique, or product recommendations and worked on those small things. There might be hope for me yet!

Here is a tutorial I quite like – Jacyln claims it’s an easy day to day look, but it is more an evening glam look for me! Enjoy!

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