How To Get Amazing Lashes Without Extensions!

February 16, 2015

I have been known to be pretty self-deprecating when it comes to just about everything – my age, my biking skills, my parenting skills, my career etc etc but the one thing that don’t seem to say anything bad about is my eyes.

In fact, I kinda love my eyes.

Ok maybe they look a bit creepy cropped out of my head.....

Ok maybe they look a bit creepy cropped out of my head…..

Bar none, they are my best feature. Almond shaped with nice lids, long lashes and a lovely light blue color. It doesn’t hurt that I have 40/20 vision as well. Still not sure how I ended up with any of those features from the genetic lottery (parents have dark blue eyes and crappy eyesight) but go eyes go!

Anyways, one of the few eye-related things I have been a bit covetous of is eyelash extensions. My girl Tiff rocks those bad boys and looks amazingly fierce doing so. She looks glam without any makeup whatsoever. Love it.

But, as you all know, I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to personal grooming (let’s not get started on the state of my brows right now) and I can’t imagine me actually going every 2-3 weeks to get the extensions put in. So, I was on a quest to get extension like results without the actual extensions.

Enter Younique Mascara.

I started to see all this talk about this Mascara on social media from some trusted sources so I thought I would give it a shot.

My first attempt didn’t go so well I must admit. I didn’t really watch the videos and didn’t really know how to properly apply it. Plus I already have fairly long lashes so the WOW factor just wasn’t there for me and the end result looked pretty much the same as it would with my day to day mascara.

Then, in Palm Springs, my girl Kelly tried it. And BOOM! Did it ever look fabulous! The pic below was with one coat applied…..

eyesThe only drawback is that the little fibre fluff thingies sometimes get stuck in your eye, but for the most part this mascara did the trick. Lengthens, thickens and gives the POW factor that us gals are looking for.

So there you go lazy moms, extension like results without the fuss and muss!


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