Finding the Courage to Face my Fears

July 18, 2014

Fear of heights.

Fear of public speaking.

Fear of failure.

Fear of saying no.

Fear of flying (and enclosed spaces).

Fear of being eaten by a bear.

These are just a few of the fears I have struggled with throughout my life. Some are more rational than others (I mean what are the odds of being eaten by a bear?) but rational or not, I am trying to take steps to conquer each of these fears each and every day.

I’ve pushed myself to say YES when asked to speak in front of a group (with and without liquid courage).

I’ve climbed tall trees, peering off Skyscrapers and launched my bike off taller and taller bridgey-things.

I’ve failed at business, and life didn’t end. I’ve learned valuable lessons from these failures and applied them to my current business which is THRIVING.

I’ve failed at sport, and went on to push myself and my team to do greater things, and eventually to succeed – I mean really succeed.

I’ve finally had the guts to say NO to people/family. No I won’t work for that cheap, no I can’t take on another project, no I can’t play with you right now. And you know what, people/family don’t dislike me for it (go figure!)

I am getting on yet another plane in a few days time –  being trapped with a bunch of strangers for hours and breathing in stale air, but the adventure and experiences that await me on the other end make the torture worth it in the end.

I hike and bike in the woods with bear bells and a loud voice and am scared sh*tless the entire time, but no, I haven’t been eaten by a bear (but I still won’t sleep in a tent, that’s just asking for it).

Here is me tackling my mini-fear of wooden bridges by launching myself off of one! Mt Fromme – July 2014

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