How to fake the Big “O”

February 12, 2015
Faking it baby!!

Faking it baby!!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and romance is in the air. Some of you gals might be well, “getting lucky” on a more regular basis around this time of the year. And I think you can tell just which ladies are getting a little extra something-something –  they have that certain tell tale glow and pink in the cheeks that tells me that either you just a) ran 10 miles or b) just did the bow-chick-bow-bow before after school pick up.

If you are b) well that kudos to you girl!

But for most of us, reality dictates that neither we don’t get to do options a) or b) on a regular basis but we still want that glow of a…. well…*exercised*…woman.

So recently I discovered NARS Orgasm “The Multiple” (ha!) while at Sephora.

NARS orgasm in "The Multiple" - so shweet and sparkly!

NARS orgasm in “The Multiple” – so shweet and sparkly!

I LOVE this “blush” for three reasons:

a) It’s cream based which is great for dry winter skin, or over 40 skin like mine

b) It has a illuminator in it as well so you get that combo peachy-pink just got *ahem-ed* glow plus that dewy-ness that we gals always love.

c) It can be used for cheeks or lips!

So if you are looking to fake it a little this winter season then trust me you will LOVE this blush!!

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