The joy of having both your kids in school

September 5, 2013

GrifffirstdayKToday my littlest one starts Kindergarten, sort of. Well at least he goes for an hour to meet some of the kids and start getting used to the routine. I get why they do gradual entry, it’s a bit of a pain and a lot of trips back and forth to the school but in a few weeks I will have 5 blissful hours with both boys safely ensconced at school. YAY!

(And by blissful I mean, i’ll be working, doing my workout, shopping in peace etc etc.)

I thought that I might be a little more wistful about this major milestone, this is my baby after all, but when I drop them off and see all the mums with little ones still in tow and many more years to log before they are school age all I feel is relief. Believe me, it’s not that I don’t love them more than anything on this earth, it’s just that I am ready to really get back to nuturing the long dormant parts of myself and my brain that have been forced into “very part time” status the last 7 years.

And I think this finally answers the “should we have a third” question (Hellz no! Unless we adopt, and the kid is school aged!)


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  • Reply Magnolia September 11, 2013 at 3:37 am

    Finally somebody who isn’t weeping at the prospect of getting a few hours of their day back to themselves. I was so happy to send my youngest off to school. Largely it was because I knew somebody who had gone to university to learn how to deal with kids was now in the driver seat, as opposed to amateur me. It is a big thing, but probably too late to go back to the diapers stage now that you have had a taste of freedom huh?

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