Five shows so good you’ll wish you could watch them again for the first time #StreamTeam

September 25, 2017

You know when sometimes you come across something so good you never want it to end? Like seeing your favourite band play live in concert, or the perfect first date, or a huge scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day?!  Every once in awhile I come across a show on Netflix Canada that is just so good, I never want it to end. But as Nellie Furtado would sing “All good things come to an end, end, come to and end, end…..” – sniff, sniff.

There are a few shows which are no longer playing on Netflix Canada like Friday Night Lights (it’s so much more than a football show – trust me!) and Sons of Anarchy (worth watching just for the eye candy that is Charlie Hunnam) or Parenthood (seriously I dare you not to cry, and cry even harder when the show ends) which are definitely in my top shows of all time list (so please please please Netflix Canada bring them back!) and I would encourage you to purchase or rent them elsewhere.

Luckily there are many titles still available on Netflix Canada that I would love to watch for the first time….again, so without further ado here they are and happy binge-ing (and lucky you if you are watching them for the first time!)

ShamelessI wrote about Shameless in my last post, but it is soooo worthy of another mention and one of the best cringe-worthy dark dram-edies I have ever seen.

Wentworth –  Season 5 just became available on Netflix Canada which means five whole seasons of gritty, female prison drama. And they aren’t afraid to kill off characters, just sayin…

Offspring – Season 7 was just added this past month after a torturously long wait! Nina has a wardrobe to die-for (and which has inspired several of my fall boot purchases!) and neurotic personality to match, and her family of crazy characters make for 7 seasons of ups and downs and laughter and tears.

Being Erica – Do you ever wish you could go back in time and fix major regrets? I love this CBC made show and in fact I first watched it so many years ago that I could almost watch it again and have it feel “almost” like the first time again!

Greys Anatomy (only up to season 7 or 8 and then it just gets, well, not as good) – I re-watched seasons 1 through 8 about a year ago and loved watching the whole Meredith/McDreamy romance, the bomb episode, the George “007” episode, the Denny and Izzy story arc, and of course the epic shooting finale. I think Grey’s has pretty much run it’s course



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