Five ways to look five (or more) years younger!!

April 14, 2015

Last week I had yet another birthday. It wasn’t a big milestone one, but it did place me many many years beyond 29. Le gulp.

But I have been fairly lucky thus far. A combination of good skin genes (thanks Dad!) and the foresight to stop major sun exposure in my 20’s and 30’s has kept my skin looking well, pretty darn good. Heck, we even got hit on by a bunch of 20 somethings at the bar in Whistler on the weekend (don’t judge, it was my bday) – maybe it was the dim lighting and the beer goggles but it feels darn good nonetheless 🙂

So, I am spilling a few simple secrets here for turning back the clock (or at least the appearance of doing so) which will do your body and your skin a lot of good!

  1. Turn over those skin cells! If possible, first thing in the morning use a great cleansing system (I use the Clinque Sonic), and exfoliant (toner) to help renew and refresh your skin.
  2. Hydrate inside and out! – This is something I have really come to appreciate in my 40’s when it seems those fine lines are getting deeper by the day. I have been loving a 3 in 1 day cream from JOUVIANCE lately which includes Hyaluronic Acid and contains no fragrance and is good on my sensitive skin. You can even use it on your eye area! And of course, drink your water, and your coconut water too!
  3. Highlight Baby! You know how kids always have that amazing flushed glow about them. Well, I have been faking that same glow by using a two in one blush/highlighter from NARS in Orgasm. Love.
  4. Take your Omegas! Omega oils are really important to skin health (amongst a slew of other things). If fish isn’t your thing then take them in capsule form, or blend them into smoothies like I have been doing of late. Make sure your Omegas are sourced from WILD fish – this is very important!
  5. Sleep! I’ll admit this is the one step I fail at the most. Even as I write this I maybe had 4-5 hours of sleep last night and it shows on my skin today. Ugh. Zzzzzzzz……..
  6. When all else fails…cheat! Ok, so I am only half joking here, but you can turn back the hands of time by using a well placed filter or using the nip/tuck tools in one of your favorite digital photo editors like PicMonkey. There is rarely a pic I take that doesn’t have an Instagram filter applied, nor has been put through BeFunky before posting.


What are some of your secrets for turning back the clock? I’d love to hear them?!


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