My baby is five!

October 28, 2013

IMG_3408Today my sweet little baby boy turns 5. To mark the occasion he appropriately decided to decorate himself for school, and all over his face and hands nonetheless 🙂

It seems his affinity for the body arts has started at a young age and I am sure he will come home with his first real tattoo by the age of 12. Gulp.

At 5, he loves gymnastics, his momma (of course), and absolutely anything his big brother has or does or says. He has his dad’s sense of humour and my intense stubbornness which makes for a good battle of wills on occasion.

He still loves a good “cuddle buggle” with mom at night (and he smells like sweet honey when he sleeps) and still makes an adorable humming sound when he eats something he likes (same sound as since he was a baby).

This morning he told me “Mooommmmm, i’m not a baby anymore”. Au contraire my sweet boy, my baby you’ll always be. xoxoxox



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