Four Great Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat!

July 6, 2015
Great Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat!

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Well summer is here (as it feels like it has been since about early April), and it’s here with a vengeance indeed. The hot hot hot days seem to have no end in sight and if you aren’t one of the lucky bastards with AC (I am one of those lucky bastards – don’t hate me) then you might be looking for ways to beat the unrelenting heat. And what better way to do that than with a refreshing summer drink (or two, or three…or four…).

So break out your Vitamix and make a trip down to the Cold Beer and Wine cause you are going to want to stock up on some supplies – (think Prosecco, Gin, Strongbow Cider) and get on these tonight!

a) The Crossbow: I cannot take credit for the name nor the drink (visit Queens Cross Pub in North Van if you don’t want to make your own) but this is near the tops of my hot summer day drinking list. Imagine a delicious pint of Strongbow cider topped with the perfect dollop of Bellini slush (or margarita, or mai tai or daiquiri, you get it right). Garnish with some lime, add a straw and voila. Summertime perfection.

b) The Blended Gin and Tonic: There is something about summer that just SCREAMS gin and tonic. And with my garden bursting with fresh mint so these have been in regular rotation indeed. Make a basic G & T, go heavier on the ice than normal, use lime juice indeed of line wedges, add some mint and blend baby blend. The perfect adult slushy for lazy nights on the back patio or chilling with friends by the pool. I would recommend using Okanagan Spirits Gin for this of course, but follow the link for an easy recipe using two methods.

c) White Wine Sangria: Sangria – it’s dinner and beverages all in one, so what really could be better non? This link has LOADS of amazingly easy recipes for when you are too hot to bother with all the fancy slicing and dicing!

d) Prosecco and ANYTHING: I love, love, love, love, love Prosecco (click link to see my picks for top Proseccos under twenty bucks!). It’s light and refreshing, icy cold, and when topped with a dash of your favorite fruit liquer is absolute heaven on earth. And if in a pinch and sparkling wine or Brut will substitute just fine.

Happy summer drinking everyone! What are some of your favorite summer cocktails?!

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