Four Things That Are As Funny as “Schmidt” #StreamTeam

June 19, 2015

I have to confess, it’s really hard to make me laugh. I have a bit of a quirky sense of humour and it takes a similar type of humour to really get me going. And on the very rare occasion, I laugh until I start crying, and perhaps pee myself just a little too.

I also must confess that life has been a bit stressful lately. Work has been really really busy, the kids are almost out of school and I don’t have the summer planned so I can parent and work, property taxes are due, the house is a mess….etc etc. Lets just say there aren’t a lot of laughs happening during the day at all.

So, by the end of the day as I crawl into bed exhausted – I just want to turn my brain off and de-compress with a good laugh or two. Lucky for me I stumbled upon a couple of hidden gems on Netflix lately that have me LOLing each and every episode. Like I actually wake up the husband because I am laughing so hard…and trust me, this is a RARE thing for me.


Currently, I am LOLing nightly to New Girl. A quirky comedy about a girl (Jess) and her three male roomates who share a flat in Los Angeles. The episode where Nick is attacked by a clown in the Haunted House in season one is PRICELESS. I think I might have peed a little I was laughing so hard. As I do anytime Schmidt pulls out his “Parkour”moves…..

Happy Endings. Coincidentally, one of the characters (Coach) from the first episode of New Girl appears as one the main characters on Happy Endings, which sadly was cancelled after three seasons. If you can get over how annoying Elisha Cuthbert and how quick the witty banter flies back and forth is then you will LOL nightly with this zany group of friends as well. And I bet you won’t stop saying “AH-MAZ-ING” just like Penny for weeks after…

The Heat – Oh the Heat. Sometimes I wonder if it was the bottle of wine I had drunk with my BFF that made this movie so over the top hilarious for me, but I watched it again (sober) and laughed just as hard so this hilarious comedy is truly comedic gold.

Grace and Frankie – Now, this new original series on Netflix might not have as many true LOL moments, but I find real humour in the fact that I forsee this as being my future a few decades from now – reinventing my life with a Martini in one hand while wearing head to tow tie dye, the perfect blend of Grace and Frankie for sure.

Now, if only Netflix would stream Will and Grace and Cougar Town I would be one very happy mama.



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