How To Throw A Fun and Easy Wine Tasting!

January 8, 2016

How to throw and fun and easy wine tasting this weekend!

If you don’t have any plans this weekend, or maybe are having a few friends over for dinner or something you can spice up the evening by adding a fun and easy wine tasting to the mix. And depending on how generous you are with your pours during the tasting, you might want to play a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity or “Never Have I Ever” afterwards and let the hilarity ensue.

I was lucky enough to have participated in an wine tasting over the holidays and despite the fact that I went – wait for it – ZERO for six, I still had a good time doing it. And obviously I have never claimed to be a wine expert, I just like what I like.

How to set up the wine tasting:

A host. Obvs – one person needs to go a purchase the wine, do the pouring, grade the scoresheets afterwards and laugh as your friends proceed to get more and more tipsy and tell inappropriate jokes.

Six bottles of white wine (or red if thats your thang) numbered from 1 to 6 – best to keep to one color for the tasting as your palette gets quite confused anyways let alone having to go back and forth between reds and whites.


wine tasting bottles

Six paper wine bags to cover the bottles so there is no cheating. Although I did so badly during the tasting the bottles could have been uncovered and I still would have guessed them all wrong 🙂

wine tasting bottles with paper bags

Scoresheets – create a simple scoresheet with the names and varietals of the wines with an empty box next to them for people to guess the bottle number.

wine tasting scorecard

Start pouring! Provide a spitoon for those who don’t want to get completely buzzed during the tasting, and some plain crackers to cleanse the palette in between rounds.

Grade the scoresheets. If your friends are anything like me then there will be much hilarity and mocking when you all discover that you got at best 1 or 2 right. As you can see below I went zero for six but did discover some yummy new wines that i will talk about on the blog over the coming weeks. Especially the Tyler Harlton wine, and not just because Tyler himself is smoking hot. Just google him…you won’t regret it 🙂

wine tasting scorecard fail

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