Getting educated by the school of life

January 21, 2015
Mr Kah-tear, My Kah-tear!!

Mr Kah-tear, Mr Kah-tear!!

It might surprise you to know that until very recently, I have basically NEVER taken a course on anything relating to graphic design or wordpress development. Pretty much everything I know I owe to Google, and few great mentors, and a lot of trial and error. Oh, and looking at code…lots and lots of code.

The same thing happened with my career prior to having kids – each and every new job I took involved some new skill or technical expertise (business intelligence anyone? SQL? CRM?) that I had no clue about, but always managed to conquer after a  certain period of time. School of real life learning, school of tactile learning, school of “get-thrown-into-the-fire-and-just-get-it-done” that’s been me.

Until now (I hope).

This year I would love to stop and take the time to take some courses get some real learning under my belt. I am committing the same time and money into my mountain biking, so I should do the same for my business and my brain right?

Now if only offered wine tasting courses, then my education would be complete!

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  • Reply Sara January 21, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    Yes! I think it’s going to be amazing for you! Also, who’s to say you can’t find a wine appreciation course. You want to make sure you nurture all your talents 😉

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