Style Crush – Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce

December 29, 2015

We just got back from a few snowy and fun days at the cabin and while I know the purpose of being out in the middle of nowhere is to completely disconnect from technology I couldn’t resist downloading a few shows to watch while eating, drinking and lazing about in my jammies for days on end.

Enter “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce” starring Lisa Edelstein (best known as “Cuddy” on House). It is equal parts witty, smutty, dramatic, funny and oh-so-relatable so I gave it a shot. And do you know what – after binge watching the entire first season in 3 days I am in LOVE.

I have totally NEVER taken a group selfie like this with a group of besties...

I have totally NEVER taken a group selfie like this with a group of besties…

And I think I might have a little bit of a girl crush on Lisa Edelstien’s character Abby McCarthy as well.

But it wasn’t just the show and the characters I fell in love with – it was the clothes as well. And I think this style crush is timely as I have been in a bit of a style slump these past few months. I mean, my days basically consist of working from home, riding my bike and/or hitting the gym, then picking the boys up from the school bus. Basically, this has meant on a (imagine me signing air quotes here) “good day”, I put on jeans and a hoodie – most days, it’s workout gear. Practical yes, stylish – not so much. And once you get into a style slump it’s way hard to break out of. Over the holidays I had a few occasions where workout gear wasn’t even remotely appropriate for the occasion and I STRUGGLED. I tore my closet apart looking for something that was comfy and stylish and save for one or two outfits right now, I am not digging anything in my closet. Boo. (I sense another big Kon Mari moment coming on y’all)

But I digress – back to GGTGD and the characters FAB style. Phoebe is a new age bohemian with a wardrobe I would die for (think Free People and Anthropologie) and Abby is a mix of both chic and casual that I love (vintage burnout tees meet denim and blazers). Abby’s friend Jo is a little mix of everything – rocker, boho, casual, edgy along with a mouth like a trucker to boot. Love, love, love. So although I DON’T do resolutions, I will try to up my style game a little in 2016 again. I’m think a little bit Abby – grunge tees, skinnies and ankle boots.


Anyways, if you’re curious about this fab new show then check it out on Slice in Canada and the website Worn On TV to find all the fab pieces worn each episode! And wish me luck on pulling myself out of my style rut!


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