Teaching my kids about the power of giving

December 13, 2013

goodgiviingNow that my boys are a bit older they are starting to really “get” this whole Christmas thing. But when I say “get” it is more that their little brains get innudated with ads and marketing and in store displays showing them stuff, stuff and more stuff which cause them to regurgitate like little drones “Mommy, I want that for Christmas…and that and that…..”

So, in order to combat this seasonal onslaught of commercialism I have been talking to my boys frequently about what Christmas is really all about for us:




Good times and good health for this we love

Giving is good

(I wish I could add the baby in a Manger stuff, but that’s not really our thing)

Anyways, I have been encouraging them to go through the stuff they already have and are willing to part with to make someone else’s life a bit better.

We also go online together this time of the year and pick gifts through World Vision from their gift guide.

We collect food and toys for the local foodbank and toydrive because as Ds7 says “…cause this will make a family happy mommy”.  Music to my ears.

I am especially proud to say that Ds5 saved toys (still in the box!) from his last birthday to donate and that it was my son’s idea to donate the super cool MONK Sock Monkey Puppet we were given by Patch Products to a family that is less fortunate.

So, even though I know I will still hear the inevitable “I want this and that” for the next 2 weeks, at least it is happening a little less often now!

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    Yeah! Great job Christine!

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