For all you global warming nay-sayers

February 1, 2015

Today we are up at one of our local mountains for G’s first ski lesson. When I booked his lessons last November I intentionally selected a Feb start as there is usually a decent amount of snow on the hill by then.

Where oh where is all the snow?!

Where oh where is all the snow?!

Or not.

Welcome to global warming everyone.

Even last weekend in Whistler was a complete wash out. Rain all the way to the peak and a bunch of soggy kids at pick up. Sorry kids, short term pain for long term gain – and you’ll thank me later right on top of the Olympic podium right?!

Anyhoo – J and I decided to bail and sit comfortably in the warm lodge drinking hot chocolate and eating fries and looking out the window from time to time instead of attempting to board today. Luckily bribes of boxes of smarties post lesson were enough to keep G out of tantrum-ville for the duration of his.

Again, he’ll thank me later right?!

And the gold medal goes to......

And the gold medal goes to……

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