Why a good backup system is so important

July 14, 2014




You have been working hard on your blog for quite some time now. You have a ton of wonderful photos on your hardrive and a small fortune worth of ITunes music, apps and games. Now imagine if the worst case scenario happens – your laptop is stolen, or crashes HARD, or is dropped. Or god forbid there is a fire…..

What is all your time and your memories worth to you? To me, it’s invaluable and I actually wake up in a cold sweat some nights wondering what would happen if all my precious family photos were just…gone.

I don’t want to backup to an external hardrive or anything else of a physical nature because they would be vulnerable too. So I started to research online/cloud based backup options.

I am sure there are many out there that will work just wonderfully for you, but the one I am using happily at the moment is called BackBlaze. It allows unlimited amounts of data storage, is super-duper easy to use, has its own iPhone app and it starts at just $5 a month! Isn’t $5 a month worth a good nights sleep?

Now, the first time you back up it might take days…a week or more even if you have a ton of data like me, but BackBlaze can control the “throttle” so that it uses a minimum amount of bandwidth when necessary and ramps things up at night when the digital world is quiet. After that, BackBlaze takes automatic incremental saves of what has changed since your last backup so if you are like me and tend to forget to do important things like backup my data you don’t have to worry.

So I sleep soundly at night now thanks to BackBlaze. Shouldn’t you?


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