Happy Work-iversary to me!

February 17, 2015

workiversaryToday marks two years since I started my business Ms Pixel.

Yay me!

Ms Pixel was born on the heels of two back to back entrepreneurial ventures that let’s just say weren’t super successful but taught me some valuable lessons nonetheless. Try, try again right?

So what are some of those lessons I have learned?

a) Be a lone wolf – never, ever, ever, ever, ever work in a partnership. And don’t even get me started on businesses with more than two people at the helm. Kill me please if that ever happens again. But I am not saying that you shouldn’t work with others, just work as independent contractors, you will both be so much happier for it!

b) Find your tribe – find some good contractors that you know and trust. Build a good relationship, provide feedback and prompt payment and they will stick by you in the long haul and be there in a total pinch when your client needed something like yesterday. Believe me, this happens A LOT.

c) Websites aren’t important. Ha! funny I should say that since this is what I actually do for a living, but in my own case I have had a landing page up for the past 6 months or so because I am so busy with client work. In the end, it’s your reputation and your work ethic that will really generate the business. 100% of my business is referral business. Word of mouth is golden baby.

d) You are the expert. Yes of course the client knows what they want and I will always do my utmost best to fulfill their vision but sometimes you need to remember who the expert is here and why they are paying you for your services.

e) Always get a deposit. Oi, have I been burned by this time and time again. So now I charge 50% up front on any new project and the rest on handover. This also helps with mama’s cashflow during the year because shoes and mountain biking ain’t cheap 😉

f) It’s ok to say no. I have had to gently “fire” clients in the past year. I have also declined to take on new projects.  It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially when the lure on greenbacks is oh so tempting, but was best for everyone involved.

g) You get what you pay for. this applies to just about everything in my line of work. WordPress themes, plugins, stock images, contractors. If something is too good to be true, or you want to skimp on a few things this will likely bite you in the butt in the long run.


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  • Reply Meghan February 23, 2015 at 11:13 am

    Congrats Christine! Great to see all of your skill and talent benefit so many.

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