How to deal with clogged toilets for once and for all

November 3, 2016
empty toilet paper roll

As many of you know I am mom to two not-so-little boys. And as a mom of two not-so-little boys, I seem to spent an extraordinary amount of time in the bathroom(s) of our home not only cleaning but unclogging toilets. And don’t even get me started on the whole “boys and their aim” business…ugh.

Anyways, my boys seem to have a special talent for clogging ALL of the toilets in the house (unfortunately for me they each seem to have their favourites and can’t agree to clog just one of them). It all started from a very young age when one of their favourite games was to take their toys or food or clothes or diapers and dump them into the toilet to watch them go “bye-bye”. More often than not this game ended up in one of two ways a) with a clogged toilet or b) a clogged toilet and a flooded floor and crying kids. A lose-lose-lose scenario for mom for sure.

child with toilet

Now that my boys are older, the only things they now drop in the toilet are, well, ahem….you can imagine but we still seem to have clogged toilets on a thrice weekly basis. The new culprit? Over use of toilet paper! And I might be to blame slightly for this costly and annoying habit as I have always strongly encouraged them to “wipe well” and make sure they are “clean”. My boys have taken this to heart and I cringe every time I hear them visiting the loo as I know that plunger duty beckons.


empty toilet paper roll

So enough was enough. This mom was tired of being on plunger duty so we decided to call in the experts at Uncle Bill’s Hillcrest Plumbing  and replace one of our toilets with a super high volume (sorry environment!) , power flushing beast of a toilet that literally promised that it could flush an entire bucket of golf balls in one flush (and let me tell you we have put that to the test!).

mom with plunger

So moms of boys (and girls), it’s time to put down those plungers and call in the experts at Uncle Bill’s Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating today because we all have better things to do that deal with all this crap lol.

This post was generously sponsored by our friends at Uncle Bill’s Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating but all opinions and experiences are purely my own!



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