How to make your kids screen time more active

June 22, 2016

A few weeks ago I posted an article on my Facebook page from Springfree Trampolines about the launch of their new product tgoma (take gaming outside and make it active). If you haven’t heard about it yet, tgoma it is an award winning, proprietary interactive gaming system that aims to “revamp the way consumers view “screen time” by believing that digital gaming and outdoor play aren’t mutually exclusive — transforming “screen time” from an isolating, sedentary activity to a healthful, engaging opportunity for the entire family. …”

The reaction to this Facebook post was immediate and SUPER negative. So much so that I actually took the post down. And to be perfectly honest, my first reaction to hearing about tgoma was similar to the criticisms I have seen online…

“Why the heck would I want my kid on their screen when they are outside?!”

“What happened to kids just using their imaginations?!”

“I don’t want my kid playing more screen!!”

“Screens have no place outdoors!”

But then I took some time and I stewed on it a little. The intention behind tgoma is not to add more screen time to your child’s life, but to shift the screen time THEY ARE ALREADY USING from sedentary to active. And if you are part of the .01% of the population whose kids don’t play any screen whatsoever then this argument might be moot, but for the majority of us, I think this shift can be a good thing if used in the right way.

In my house, my kids have a limited amount of screen time each day (60 minutes), and that’s after their chores and homework are done. To say my kids are borderline screen obsessed is an understatement and it’s taken some serious control and intervention on my part (think screen control apps like Kid Chrono) to ensure that screen time remains a privilege because when they are on their screens it looks a whole lot like this…

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.18.11 AM

I’m thinking that they might move if the house was on fire, but likely only to save their precious iPads!

With tgoma, their screen time looks more like this. My kids are not getting more than their 60 minutes of screen time each day, they are just making the time they have on the screen more active and that is a WIN in my books.

Still not convinced? I get it, but in my experience when I send the kids out to play on the trampoline they have a great time for about 5 or 10 minutes until they get bored or this inevitably happens…screaming, shouting, crying and intervention by me which usually ends in expulsion of one or both from the trampoline.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.16.47 AM

This happens ALL. THE. TIME.


With tgoma, I can put my boys sibling rivalry to good use by pitting them against eachother using the various games such as Alien Stomp, Fruitants and TgomaFit. In no time at all, 60 minutes has flown by and they have had a great, fun workout and put their screen time to much better use. So, bu-bye Minecraft and!!

So, I am sure the “trampoline technology” debate will rage on, but if tgoma can shift the screen time that your kids are already using from sedentary time to active time, then that is a win in my books. Happy bouncing!

Disclosure: I am a Springfree Ambassador and I have tried the tgoma gaming system but do not own it, nor was I paid for this post. . All ideas and opinions are my own.







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    I totally agree. They already have screen time. Make it awesome.

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