How to survive back to school

September 5, 2016

It’s finally here! Back to school time! In the past few years I have practically counted down the days, minutes and seconds once the calendar hit about mid-August for this glorious day but strangely, this year more than most I am feeling a LOT less excited about back to school than usual. It’s been a super fun, super busy summer packed with great trips and loads of fun times with friends and fam, easy breezy unscheduled days and lots of late nights and late sleep in mornings. So I am not exactly sure what the heck is going to happen to us tomorrow when the alarm clock (GASP!) actually goes off at 7:00am – I swear I can’t even recall getting up before 8:30am even once in the past 60+ days. Oh boy.

So, how do you survive the first week back at school?

  1. Become a compulsive list-aholic (aka attempt to stay organized) – I’m not sure what has happened to me these past few days but I have become a compulsive list-aholic. I have lists (digital and paper) for just about everything – work lists, school morning lists, what to cook for dinner lists, grocery lists, school supply lists, back to school clothing lists. It’s seriously like a paper bomb went off in my house but, these lists will definitely come in handy this frazzling first week back where we all walk around in a bit of a daze.
  2. Give yourself PLENTY of time – In our house that means setting the alarm for at least 20-30 mins earlier than we think with the hope that we might actually get out of the house by our goal time of 8:30am. My own personal goal this year is to NOT have a nasty note sent to me from the principal for the number of lates my kids accumulated over the course of the year.
  3. Plan for chaos – Expanding on #2 above – plan for chaos. There is always a road or two (or 100) under construction in our hood that cause stupidly long delays on school mornings (hence the late slips) and don’t even get me started on the sh*t show that is the school parking lot and drop off zone every morning. Somehow my kids also manage to fall getting out of the car, or get into an epic scrap on the way to school, or drop their favourite book in a puddle which lead to inevitable meltdowns for all of us. So give yourself that extra time and space for rubbing backs and deep breathing when necessary.
  4. Give yourself a break – So what if your house ain’t tidy or dinner consists of scrambled eggs and toast. Maybe you’ll forget it’s early pick up the first few days or that soccer pratice starts at 5pm and not 6. We are all adapting back to a new routine so it’s ok to let a few things slide (especially the housework) 😉
  5. Plan for fun and relaxation – Hopping back into the chaos of school and sports and drum lessons and the general over scheduling known as our life can be overwhelming after a relaxing summer. So we are making sure that we are planning for lots of quiet and relaxing times for the kids and fun family activities for them to look forward to on weekends. And, for mama, some fun times out with the chickas for some drinks!

So how are you planning to survive the first week of back to school? Lots of caffeine? Wine? Both?

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