How To Survive A Very Long Spring Break

March 21, 2016

Depending on who you ask, the 17 days of Spring Break we get here in BC this month is either  a) a blessing or b) a ^%&$*#^# curse or c) a mix of the two.

Yes, having lazy unstructured days, not having to pack lunches nor chauffeur the kids to activities every single day is a great thing. But on the flip side there is the incessant fighting, desperate pleas to play minecraft 24/7 and cries of “i’m boooorrrrreeeeddddd” as soon as they are forced to unplug.

We are now on day 8 and I am ready to snap. It’s 12:42pm and I have already broken up 10 fights, made two meals and told them to turn off minecraft 4 times. My mind warily wanders to just a few short months from now when it will be summer break again and i’ll have 70+ days of this to deal with.


Anyhoo, i’ve come up with a list of ways we are going to survive this Spring Break other than the obvious…



We just got back from a fun week long trip to Sand Diego and less than 48 hours later we are off to Vancouver Island for some QT with the grandparents (aka my actual vacation) and then to the Sunshine Coast for some more outdoor fun. My boys and I are very similar in that we like to move it move it..we don’t do well when anchored in one place for too long.

Get Outside

I NEED to be outside everyday, even if the weather isn’t good. Lucky for us we have a decent backyard with a trampoline and a lovely new park less than 2 blocks away from our house.

Enlist The Grands!

If you are lucky like me and have grandparents within a 4 hour drive that are still able and willing to take on your beasts, I mean beloved kids, for a few days then get on it!! It’s totally worth the driving/ferrying/flying whatever it takes to get the kids out of my hair for a few days and of course to spend some QT bonding with the Grands!

Get Crafty (And not the minecraft variety)

I am the mom of two boys. And yes I am making a sweeping generalization here but based on my own experience. Boys do NOT craft. My boys aren’t really the type to sit down and craft for any length of time but they did manage to sit for a whole 45 mins today to build these fun Popples thanks to our friends at Netflix. And they DID NOT FIGHT FOR THE ENTIRE TIME EITHER! Big wet smooches to you #Streamteam !!

I never thought i'd live to see the day that both my kids would sit and "craft" for an entire 45 mins without fighting or shouting at me to help!

I never thought i’d live to see the day that both my kids would sit and “craft” for an entire 45 mins without fighting or shouting at me to help!

Binge Watch Netflix!

Sadly not every day is filled with sunshine here on the wet coast so we spend quite a bit of T on the couch as well binge watching our fave flicks. The boys are particularly keen on old skool classics like Scooby Doo and Garfield these days and I am watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning again (and sobbing on a daily basis as I relive all the heartwrenching moments that Shonda Rhimes throws at us)

So all in all I think we will make it! It won’t be easy but by the following the steps above with a case of Pinot Grigio by your side you too can make it through. Solidarity mamas!

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