How to talk to your kids about bullying

November 30, 2017

This post was inspired by true life events from the past few weeks that involved bullying…

My oldest son started middle school this year which has been a HUGE adjustment for all of us. His new school is about 4x bigger than his old elementary school PLUS he has to navigate different support systems and teachers PLUS figure out “block” systems and lockers and oh yeah, co-exist peacefully with older kids (the school is 6/7/8).

So far the transition has gone better than I had anticipated, which has been a big relief for both me and my son. But, the transition hasn’t been as easy for some of his friends from elementary school. In fact, one of his good friends has been the target of bullying since early in the school year by a group of older kids. And just last week that bullying took a physical turn – it’s heartbreaking and scary all at once.

So that got me thinking about how to talk to my own kid about bullying. And also to talk to them about how to support a friend who is being bullied. And how as a parent can we make sure that our own kids aren’t bullied or aren’t bullying others. Sometimes those conversations can be hard, or your kids might not want to talk about it so I wanted to find some shows on Netflix that could help open a conversation about bullying.  (note: many of these are best for tweens/teens due to mature language and subject matter)

13 Reasons Why 
Audrie & Daisy
A Girl Like Her

Degrassi: Next Class 


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