I Heart Netflix #StreamTeam

July 13, 2014

I am sooooo stoked to be a part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I have had much much much love for Netflix for a few years now and the service just keeps getter better and better. So much so that we are cancelling our cable at the end of the month because aside from the occasional hockey game or major sporting event we just don’t watch cable anymore. Good bye and good riddance I say (not to mention saving big $$$$’s!!!). And with the added VPN service from Unblock-us, we can stream any version of Netflix that we want from anywhere in the world at any time!

I always want to SQUEE in delight for a moment at the fact that I get to visit Netflix HQ and meet Piper Kerman IN PERSON (the actual Piper that went to prison from Orange is the New Black fame) in a few short weeks at BlogHer in San Jose. I may or may not take a ridiculous number of hashtagged selfies while there. Stay tuned……

But this month it’s all about our beloved home country of Canada and all the great Canadian content you can find on Netflix.

Being_Erica_UKDVD_zpsa567c5a5I have already gushed on and on and on about one of my fave shows Being Erica which is exclusive to Canadian Netflix and so worth a summertime binge watch. I mean, being able to go back in time and re-do old regrets – ah-mazing!







Johnny-Test-tv-01As for my boys, they are loving the antics of Johny Test and his sidekick Dukey (the dog). I get a kick out of his genius twin sisters and their girlish crush on boy next door Gil (Giiiilllll! Sigh…..) and best of all, Johnny’s stay at home Dad that struggles with controlling his kids and making meatloaf for dinner each night while his wife is out at work. Love!



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