I McDreamy Of McSteamy

April 26, 2016

I’ve been a little (a LOT) behind on my PVR lately (partly thanks to compulsive Netflix watching and partly thanks to this crazy busy life o mine). In fact about a month or so ago my PVR was literally running out of space so instead of just bulk deleting all the shows I thought I would watch “one rainy day” I just sat down and watched them, on what was in fact a rainy icky sicky kind of day.

Why yes you can examine me doctor!

I started with season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy. I was a full season behind and somehow i’d stayed immune to the BIG spoiler…..

The one that totally took me by surprise….

(seriously y’all, spoiler alert, don’t keep reading if you don’t know already) …..

…that they killed off the one and only McDreamy himself, Derek Sheppard. Le sob!

After ugly crying my way through that episode and the rest of the season I decided I wanted to take a trip back down Grey’s memory lane and decided to start all over from the beginning. Ah the beginning! Meredith and Izzy and Christina and Alex and George all starting at Seattle Grace Hospital as interns. I compulsively binge watched episode after episode into the wee hours of the night as each emotion packed episode kept me coming back for more (yes, Netflix has all 11 seasons y’all)

Do you remember the episode with the bomb in the body? (Love me some Kyle Chandler, yes I do)

And what about the story arc with Denny and the LVAD? (Love Denny, Izzy not so much…)

And the ferry boat accident? And Meredith dying?

Izzy’s cancer and (GASP!) George dying a hero as the mystery bus accident guy?

The hospital merger that saw a crew of new interns? The shooting at the end of season 6!

The plane crash! So long Lexie and McSteamy 🙁

And on and on and on….

Not only have I loved re-watching all these episodes but I have filled up my music library again with the most AH-MAZING music! I can’t be the only one who is reduced to rubble by the hauntingly beautiful music they choose for their soundtracks non? Have you ever wondered what some of those ugly-cry inducing songs are? Check out Tunefind.com and search “Grey’s Anatomy” to find out!





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