How to undo years of sun damage in 60 minutes

June 10, 2016


If I could go back in time and tell my younger self one very important thing it would be…

“…wear sunscreen daily and for god’s sake don’t use tanning beds!!”

Ok, that was two things but you get my drift.

My sun loving days started way back in my mid-teens when I used to frequent the tanning salon next to my high school because my big high school crush used to work there after school, so naturally my BFF and I had to visit frequently just so I could have 5 minutes in the lobby of awkward conversation before going to fry myself silly in those UV death beds. The stupid things we do for “love” right?!

And if you were at all curious, I never did end up with my crush, but we did make out once (or twice) and all I have to show for all those after school sessions is a whole lot of sun spotting on my body and face.

So, fast forward many many years later and I am desperately trying to undo the sunning sins of my past, and let me tell you, it’s an uphill battle. I am now a religious user and advocate of daily sunscreen (all year round peeps!), and an avid avoider of the sun (yes, i’m the one in hats sitting in the shade all the time). My go to sunscreen right now is Elta MD 45, and you can read more about it here. I am also using a great skin care regiment from ZO Skin Health which I will post more about soon, but just know that although I am really happy with the results thus far…it can only do so much and it takes months to really see any changes.

So how DO you undo years of sun damage in 60 minutes? Well my friends, you bite the bullet, find a reputable Laser Clinic or MediSpa, and go get an IPL/Laser Genesis treatment. I have only had a few thus far but am LOVING the results and am already getting the skin related compliments to boot! Each clinic will vary their treatment depending on the type of equipment they use and of course your own skin type and color. For me, I get the one-two punch at Delta Laser which goes something like this….

First up is the Laser Genesis which feels a lot like really warm sunshine on your face. The Laser Genesis works deeply to stimulate new collagen and is primarily for skin tightening, fine lines, and redness correction. I struggle with mild rosacea and definitley have more than one or two fine lines so this is a big triple win in my books!

Next up is the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). I have to say this can be a bit “ouchy” at times, especially around the lips and nose. And, you do get the occasional hair sizzled off in the process, but if you can stand the smell of burnt hair and have a decent pain threshold things will be AOK. The IPL is primarily used to reduce/remove the effects of sun spots/sun damage and those pesky little spider veins that can appear around your nose and cheeks.

The entire treatment takes just under an hour and you can expect some skin sensitivity, redness and a bit of swelling. Over the coming days/weeks your skin should “turn over” and all the nasty sun damage should start to slough off. Kinda gross I know but your skin will thank you for it and you’ll be loving it when all the fab compliments come rolling in 😉

How to undo sun damage in 60 minutes

This was NOT taken post-treatment, but a week-ish or so after my very first treatment. And yes, there was good car lighting too but my skin is definitely glowing more!

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