Kicking It Old School #Streamteam

November 30, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.54.42 PMRecently, I was over at a girlfriends house for a night of learning about blogging (me teaching her) and makeup (her teaching me). We had some good laughs, some good wine and some good chats about this that and everything.

Of course, the conversation eventually turned to Netflix and what she was watching and what she could recommend to me for the upcoming holiday season. You see, I had recently finished all the available episodes of Reign (love me some historical semi-fiction) and was keen to dive into another great series. In a moment of panic I started to re-watch The Tudors to keep with the historical fiction theme, but I also craved something new – something kind of light, with quirky characters and good story lines. I mean, one can only handle so many decapitations and torture before they really start to get depressed…….

“Have you ever watched Veronica Mars“? my friend asked

“Veronica who?” I replied

“Veronica Mars! It’s the best!” my friend replies enthusiastically

Hmmmmmmm I think skeptically as she explains the premise of the show. I almost completely tuned out after “set in high school” and “private eye” and “filmed in 2004” but then remembered that my beloved Friday Night Lights was also based on high school characters so I decided to hear her out.

In fact, I went home and watched the Pilot that same night. Not bad. Not bad at all in fact.

I did a quick Google search and also discovered that even though the show was cancelled after three seasons it had such a dedicated group of fans that they crowd funded (via KickStarter) the Veronica Mars movie that came out this year! Very cool!

So I am now 6 episodes in and I am hooked. I am loving the semi old school flip phones and mid 2000’s fashions. Kristen Bell is quirky and charming and not so over the top with her precociousness that she is overbearing. The main story line keeps you riveted (her best friends murder) along with the smaller “whodunnits” that occur each episode.

I’d definitely give Veronica Mars 4 flip phones out of five and a good series to watch over the holidays!

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