How to keep your kids brains active over school holidays #StreamTeam

March 24, 2017

In a few short days March Break will be over. It’s been a nice break from the day to day grind of school, after-school activities, work etc etc. and the entire family feels recharged and ready to tackle the last term before summer vacation! Woo hoo!

This March break, unlike previous years was a little more low key. We didn’t go on any trips, nor did we attempt to pack too many activities into each day. Of course, my kids saw this as the perfect opportunity to laze about and watch their screens. If it was up to them, they would do that all day, every day, only stopping to feed themselves every few hours.

At this stage in their young lives they are into watching YouTube videos of bottle flipping, or Dude Perfect videos. They play Clash of Clans and Five Nights at Freddies (aka FNAF) and they are OBSESSED. We actually decided to install a screentime app that limits the amount of time they can play or watch these “mindless” shows/games because their brains were turning to mush and I was getting pretty darn tired of nodding my head and saying “uh-huh” as they regail me in stories from the games that I pretty much have ZERO interest in.

But there is one show we discovered over the break is absolutely mind-blowing. The kids and I have been binge watching them like crazy and I am actually happy about it! The show is called BRAIN GAMES and it’s on Netflix Canada and it is AMAZING!

Every episode starts with some sort of optical illusion and then dives deeper into the science behind the brain and optics as to why we see what we see. Check this out as a little teaser…look at the picture below and tell which of the shapes is darker than the other…..

Did you guess the top shape? Well, you’re wrong! The shapes are actually the exact same shade of grey and we just perceive them differently because of the shadowing. So trippy!

There are so many more cool optical illusions like this on Brain Games and the experts they bring in to explain the why is really fascinating as well – trust me, your kids will NOT be bored and they might even go back to school a little smarter! #parentingwin



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