Wine Wednesday – Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

September 7, 2016
This is my greatest fantasy. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc at 9.99 a bottle!! Photo cred: XXX

This is my greatest fantasy. Costco Canada actually selling booze AND Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc at 9.99 a bottle!! Photo cred:

In the past I was never much for Sauvignon Blanc wines. Perhaps because my earliest introductions to them included a coupla luke warm bottles of cheap Ernest & Gallo (or something similar and crappy) which not only gave me a terrible hangover, but also pretty much put me off Sauvignon Blanc wines in general. However, now that I am much older and wiser my palette is now open to exploring new Sauvignon Blanc fact I have written a couple of posts now about Sauvignon Blanc wines that I have really liked. You can find them here and here.

But even these wines pale in comparison to the absolute epic deliciousness that is Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. One of my oldest and dearest friends actually introduced me to this wine over a year ago while I was visiting her in Whistler and I have been hooked ever since. But (….) Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is not exactly the cheapest wine in the BCLS, especially if you buy it pre-chilled. So for the most part it has been saved for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

That is until this past summer. I still need to write a full post on the amazing adventure that was our Disney Wonder Cruise to Alaska in July but lets just say that most of our 1500USD onboard cruise bill (yes, you are seeing that correctly, this was the bill after we already paid for the cruise/room etc) was from purchasing many many bottles of wine. And which wine do you suppose it was? Yes, you guessed it – Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.

What’s your fave Sauvignon Blanc? Inquiring minds want to know!

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